BPI-M2 new image: Debian8_docker_K4.2_beta V4.0

BPI-M2 new image: Debian8_docker_K4.2_beat V4.0


Release Note: 1,Support BPI-M2 2,uboot : 2015-7 3,linux kernel: 4.2. 4,ethernet work fine 5,WIFI driver work fine 6,user name/pass: pi/bananapi 7,this is just a test version.

running interface:

test video:

Your wiring PI from git means to this image: Unable to determine hardware version. I see: Hardware : Allwinner sun6i (A31) Family ,

  • expecting BCM2708 or BCM2709.

Does video driver included on this image?

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Tried it but ifconfig and iwconfig doesn’t work. Cannot connect to wifi. How did you guys tried it again?

How to setup Docker multihost networking on this distro?