[BPI-M2 Magic] New image: Android 6.0 (Version:V1) 2017-10-24

Android 6.0 2017-10-24 for BPI-M2 Magic

Git commit : c8c97667a0f517c159fad02d7956af357bb75c9e

Release Note:

  1. Android 6.0
  2. WIFI 802.11 b/g/n supported
  3. Bluetooth 4.0 supported
  4. Camera ov5640 supported


Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1qY8zAmo


  • Please apply the latest version of burn tools to write the Android systems

BPI-M2 Magic

uses LCD’5


@BPI_Justin please, can you share phone model of the LCD 5"?

Thank you.


@BPI_Justin Hi! Is it possible to get the source code to compile this Android 6.0 image with custom changes? Thanks.

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Two questions.

  1. I downloaded the Zipped android image file and the .rar file. It looks like the rar file is a windows program. I don’t have access to Windows. How do I burn an SD Card using MAC OSX or Linux?
  2. We want to run this headless (no display) or input, just IoT over Wifi and BLE. Can we connect over micro USB and use the standard Android adb tool to configure/debug/install apps?


  1. you can reference it (How to burn android image to eMMC under Linux)


2.Yes. you can use rn adb command:

adb shell

adb remount

adb install xxxx.apk

Thanks for the reply. On that page that you referenced above, there are some problems. In the Linux section the first step says, “1,download android image from http://www.banan-pi.org download page.” the link to www.banan-pi.org is invalid. I tried www.banana-pi.org, selected the “Downloads” link, then Selected BPI-M2M, then Images, then the Android link. It brought me back to this page.

Where do I get the Android Image that I can burn with Linux or Mac OS?

I downloaded the Linux 64bit tooling from this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4PAo2nW2KfnM3VIYTFpUEk2SlE/view. The PDF file is written in Chinese (I think). Where do I find the English Language version?

Think you for telling me that I can use adb to push my apps with out a touch display. How do I make changes to settings? Like enable and pair Bluetooth, enable and configure Wifi? Normally this is done through a touch-screen. Is there a command interface to do this on your board?

I’m looking forward to trying Android on the BPI-M2 Magic! If it works it’ll be perfect for my project.


1 .Android Images(M2M) :https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_YnvHgh2rwjbDZuYUdTWTd1ZVU/view

2 . Yes. you can burn with Linux or Mac OS. Please reference it How to Flash Android to eMMC from Ubuntu

Great to see this. I just ordered a Banana pi M2M, and although my end goal is to drive a small 400x400 DSI display, for now, i would probably want to start off from a simple 5 inch display. Could you please tell me the display you are using which can be connected directly to the banana board?

Hi, we want to develop our Baby monitor application on M2M, is it possilbe to release the Android BSP? Thanks!

Hello, you could send email to [email protected]

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