BPI-M2 Internal storage /system storage of android


Hello i am using an 16GB sd card with android 4.4.2 hdmi, so today i installed some apps (kodi,…) and now i have the problem that the internal storage will be full (less than 100mb free.

So with the image i have for partitions (in android only internal storage will be listen with 0,99GB) - whats with the rest?

can i enlarge interal storage?

I think its when you install the image with the burning software, it does not partition the full 16GB. I think if you can bring your SD card to Linux and with GParted you can enlarge the partitions. Or in Windows you can use minitool partition wizard.

thank you, i will try this.


sorry for my late answer, i was very busy.

I am using an transcend 1GB SHDC transcend micro sd card, so i format it to fat32 15GB, burn the banana android img.

If i start android i have one partition with 0,99GB (100MB free, 700MB apps) and 4 others with „will calculated“

If i put sd card in card reader in windows i got one drive with 11,7G

If i open the sd card with partition tool wizard i have 4 partitions

Unallocated 36MB

123,51MB primary – FAT

Unallocated 3,22GB logical

11,71GB FAT32

So which oft hem ist the „system partition“ unter android i can change/increase space.

Sorry but i only knows windows perfect, not android/linux

So i dont made 4 images? is that from the android image? Please help, thank you.


i try to switch some space from unallocated to the primary system with the tool Partition Wizard. Android will not boot. Is this system space fix in the android image (it must be about 900MB)

From personal experience, burning bootable linux and android images will result in many partitions in the end result. Sometimes Linux system partition s needs to be extended to take advantage of the full space.

Did you extend the primary partition?

And try to use an android file explorer such as es3, but lookts like you cant boot it anymore:(

Useless. You only fool others with your experience.

SinoVoip just took the crappy SDK they got from Allwinner. You need deep Android and Linux knowledge to change the partition scheme or at least an understanding how Android boots.

This is the starting point: https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-M2-bsp/issues/4 (to get an idea what’s wrong with the crap ‘Team BPi’ provides) and deep inside here https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-M2-bsp you can configure the partition layout. Good luck with a product that receives ZERO support from its manufacturer.

is there no other solution? does anyone have a tip?