BPI-M2+ How to export gpio pins on android 7.0

Hi, I have installed android 7.0 in BPI m2+. I am unable to export gpio pins from adb shell… I want to read or write the gpio pins. I need the /sys/class/gpio/ folder to do this…(export unexport) . Android 4.4 has this folder… Please send me logic to export all gpio pins…


I didnt have folder like (/sys/class/gpio)

We’ll release android 7.0 new image sooner

When I will expect new android 7.0 image for bananapi m2+

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I was getting a similar issue, was unable to export gpio pins from a shell. Looking forward to an accurate solution along with that I was also trying to Reset AOL Mail Password but not able to do so.

When will a new android version be available for bpi m2 +