BPI-M2-Berry Turns off after inputing Smartphone or LTE USB Stick

Dear community,

I dont know why, but i used a lte 4g usb stick on the same board before … it worked properly, but some days later wether the SMrtphone or USB Stick seems to work. The Device immediately turns off.

Does any one have a reason why? Could it be the Power-Supply / PSU? Cuz i tried to split the connection wires to psu on a seperate device and data +/- to the BPI Board. THe board detected the USB Modem Correctly, but i doesnt came through to got the connection working maybe cuz of missing deps. If no one haves a solution for me, ill try to split my phone wire too, and try to theather my phone connection. I just want to make my BPI-Server public available by using a SIM/LTE connection. Thanks in davance, BlackLeakz (for blackzspace.de)