BPI m2+ android error

Hello, I try to run Android v4.4 on BPI m2+. However, I get an error at boot with something like no ethernet connected (even though i have the internet cable in the board), bad device 0 and missing partition emmc0. Any help would be appreciated!

error message in boot0/uboot or kernel after android bootup? image flash to emmc or sdcard? upload the complete log from power on for more information.


Are you sure android 4.4 image flashed to emmc or sdcard? which image and how did it?

yes, i flashed it on sd card. I checked three times, three times i’ve formated the sd and flashed them. the image is [BPI-M2+] New image: Android 4.4 (Version:V3)

Try the latest image in wiki, images in forum always old or incorrect.

Suggest you to flash the android image to emmc with PhoenixSuit, This tool and guide please refer to m64 android install guide