BPI-M1 with ‘Display: 15” TFT screen

BPI-M1 with ‘Display: 15” TFT CMD screen

runing android 4.4 and linux , all is working fine.

screen module:

Usefful information,its connected to the board via dsi or hdmi ,whats the max resoulution? u better record video to be clear

Use DSI , not HDMI . we will try to record a video.:slight_smile:

It seems to be good as display :slight_smile:

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What about 10 display it well be also avalaible in store ?

we just 7" TP display in stock.:slight_smile:

I need 10 touchpanel or bigger like 15

how many are you need ,we need ask our supplier

Stupid question :smile: now you making business with me :laughing:that depends on price and quality and resolution

And after trying it i can determine if its suitable for my project