BPI-M1 no longer booting, red LED flashes


I have a BPI-M1 that I’ve been using as a simple DYI NAS for years. A few days ago, the BPI suddenly stopped responding over ethernet. I unplugged and re-plugged the power supply but the BPI didn’t come back up.

At first I suspected a faulty SD card, but I checked it in another computer and it seems to be OK.

I connected a display to the BPI to see any boot-up messages, but the behaviour is like this:

  • When nothing but the SD card, the HDMI display and the power supply are connected, the BPI doesn’t even try to boot, but the red LED is flashing very quickly. The LED continues flashing for a few seconds even after removing the power supply.
  • Same when the HDMI cable is not connected (i.e. only SD card and power)
  • If a USB keyboard is connected to the first (upper) USB port, the red LED is on steadily for a brief time; on the screen, a brief boot message appears with the Allwinner copyright statement and an error message that /boot/boot.emu could not be found. Below there is a message that an USB device has been identified, and immediately afterwards the BPI powers down. The boot screen flashes so quickly that I had to record a video with my smartphone camera to be able to read it.
  • If I put the USB keyboard in the second (lower) USB port, the red LED turns on for a brief moment after restoring power, then turns off again and nothing is displayed on the HDMI display.
  • All the other LEDs (ethernet etc.) are dark all the time.

Could this be a hardware fault?

We’ve had rather high temperatures here lately, and I was copying a lot of data to the SATA disk connected to the BPI when it stopped responding. Maybe it overheated.

Never mind, I dumped that thing and bought an Odroid M1.