BPI-M1+ is not initializing with any OS

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My M1+ board is not booting any OS (android , linux ,etc from banana-pi site) . I am using power adapter with 5 V,2 A specification ( adapter bought from banana-pi company). Same OS that I burned in SD run on Orange Pi PC board but not on BPI-M1+ board. anyone help find out the problem ?

hello there navalka. i had the same problem when i tried starting my BPI-M1+ for the first time. to get the proper help it would be great if you could tell us what LED are blinking/lightingup when you try to power on your BPI… what solved my issue was: first problem finding a good power supply, i ended up using LED strip power supply 65W 12V and i added car charger 5V 4A to power my BPI second problem for me was the USB cable i had to buy proper high quality USB cable to connect the car charger to my BPI (shorter is better) third problem was the microSD card that i was using, it was saying that it is class 10 but when i tested it was actually class 4 not 10, i bought Kingston original C10 card and BPI started working instantly…