BPi-M1+ EOL, any information?

Does anyone know about the End-Of-Life date of BPi-M1+? For how long it will be produced?

Regards Snafutzz

we will long time support BPI-M1+ ,for A20 chip , allwinner also still supply of material.

we have in stock , if you order ,we can send it out soon.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m asking cause I read that Allwinner usually have a product lifecicle for their ICs of 3-4 years. Allwinnner started selling A20 in 2013, this means EOL 2016-2017.

Do you have different information on A20 EOL from Allwinner? In case Allwinner announces A20 EOL, do you plan to stock some A20 ICs to maintain BPi-M1/BPi-M1+ production alive for more time?

Regards Snafutzz

we have discuss with allwinner . A20 not any news to stop . it is long time support. they also plan do a quad core update version for A20.

so , do not worried about this .

Thanks for the information.