BPI-M1/BPI-M1+ New Image(Ubuntu15.04 beta 4.0) Release

BPI-M1/M1-Plus_Ubuntu15-04_beta_V2 MD5: 47C5D25D1CC0522D9479231D8EE17A46


Release Note: 1.Supoort Wifi firmware ap6210(Only work on BPI-M1-Plus. You can load the driver by typing: sudo modprobe ap6210 ). 2.Preinstalled build-essential. 3.Preinstalled leafpad&gedit. 4.Preload WiringPi (~/BPI-WiringPi, For more information, please check https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-WiringPi ). 5.Update Kernel to 3.4.108 .

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Is there any previous version of Ubuntu available somewhere, please?


login user/password as pi/bananapi

Please provide the link to the kernel source for this image.