BPI:bit MicroPython development, online wiki and source code on github

Banana Pi BPI:bit MicroPython support

BPI:bit have full support microPyton。firmware、exploitation environment、software and wiki documtnets have update to :


code on github and support :

  1. Provide terminal command line operation tools
  2. Provide wired or wireless to operation board
  3. Provide Pycharm IDE development
  4. Provide Microbit for MicroPython function library

We are now testing all micro:bit online documentation examples,we have let BPI:bit compatibility micro:bit function library,so,microPyton support for micro:bit,You can run it directly on BPI:bit.

This is BPI:Bit run:https://microbit-micropython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorials/hello.html code . You can run the code directly on BPI:bit, you can see the video demo.

For more board examples, see the following url:

microbit online documents :https://microbit-micropython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorials/introduction.html

microbit online simulator genuine: http://www.micropython.org.cn/pye/editor-en.html

english wiki page update:



Could you give me the IDE to use to program in Python the BPI:bit. Do you have a documentation online off all the API in python. How to upload the Python file in the BPI:bit card? Thanks to be very precise with examples and screen shot. Regards.


BPI:bit english online document for webduino,arduno,micropyhton,Scratch.x:



could you give us all the python API to read all your sensors without using your firmware. in your example we don’t need to import microbit import *.

Where is all the documentation to read button, light sensor, etc… who to set RGB led, buzzer, etc… in python?

Thanks to be very precise.