BPI:bit MicroPython application tutorial (development tutorial may be late, but never absent -V-)


BPI:bit easy to learn tutorial


Source code on github

BPI:bit for MicroPython github

Base about BPI:bit

Please browse the tutorial in the following order.

1. About BPI:bit

  • Know the basic situation of the board。

  • Click on the title to enter, only two minutes to read.

2. Get the development suite

  • Understand the project structure of the board.

  • Click on the title to enter, just a minute to read.

3. Wired connection board

  • Connect the board and install the driver.

  • Click on the title to enter, only five minutes to read.

5. Try burning the board

  • One key to burn the board’s firmware.

  • Click on the title to enter, just three minutes to read.

6. Hello, World!

  • One line of code, hello world.

  • Click on the title to enter, only four minutes to read.

7. Light up all kinds of LED

  • One line of code to control the hardware.

  • Click on the title to enter and read for only six minutes.

Write it down at the end

So far, you have mastered a lot of simple use methods, but such you are still just “know it but do not know why”, so you need to calm down and experience some of the basic knowledge of learning, in order to know why also.

Board development tools

1. Auto series one key burn

2. ESPBlocks Beginner’s only

3. Mpfshell details

4. Pycharm IDE programming

Development tutorial(Based on MicroBit):

1. Panel scrolling text

2. Panel display images

3. Bottom IO port contro

4. Panel key detection

5. Gets the board temperature

6. Play MIDI music

7. Photosensitive gesture

8. MPU-9250 9-axis sensor

9. Make a compass

10. [Free to define gestures]

11. Random number generator

12. S2m Scratch2

13. Codelab Scratch3

Development of advanced:

1. The basic algorithm

2. WiFI wireless connection

3. WiFI wireless programming

3. [无线运行程序]

4. [无线文件管理]

5. [建立动态网站]

6. [网络爬虫示例]

7. [提供网络服务]

8. [控制智能家居]

9. MQTT communication applications

1. Get the city weather

2. [自定义的骰子]

3. [水滴平衡模拟]


1. MicroPython 移植笔记

2. WebDAV 移植笔记

3. smartconfig 设计演变


The proposed method is far too complicated for the world of education. You have to offer a much simpler solution than the microbit card that offers an online IDE that is hypersimple and very efficient. Just type its code in python, then click on upload, and the python code is upload in the microbit card connected via USB. Childlike simplicity Nothing to do with your method which is without any compéraison and much too complex and totally unsuitable. Thank you to quickly correct the shot and make us a proposotion own type IDE online or integration into the IDE Mu. regards Julien

In response to your question, we first used ESPBlocks. Exe, which I think you know is documented here, and now I have recorded a tutorial that USES video specifically.

espblocks blockly on bpi:bit

If you can not visit, please inform, thank you.

In spite of that, I use scratch3 in general now, so I won’t continue to support ESPBlocks. Exe.


In your online document, in the download part of the IDE for python programming, there is a 404 error. So you can not download the tool. I feel that your espblock tool looks like Mu, and that’s great news. But I am very surprised to see that you provide links that does not work ?? Could then give me the links to a reliable, verified and functional document.

Tell you about the scratch3 version. But you give no indication how to use scracth3 with the bit map: beep.

definitely, since I’m on this forum, it’s still completely impossible for me to do any program, because your information does not allow to operate and implement any IDE. As a result, you can not program your card. Very surprising, because for the microbit card, it took me only a few seconds. There your documents are disorganized, incomplete, non-functional, in short, a real gas plant. When can you finally answer me very simply giving me a reliable and functional link to allow the programming of the bit card: python beep and blockly very simply, as tools for the microbit. I waste time not possible with your incomplete answers.

I do not ask for the moon, just an IDE for python and an IDE for blockly that works and that allow to upload a program in the map and implement the REPL mode.

As well as a VERY ACCURATE document on the APIs to use in python and blockly for the part Wifi network and bluetooth.

So please answer me this last time very precisely. AND do not turn around the pot anymore. Be direct and effective. thanks to help. Your sincerely. Julien

I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you.

Instead, you need to know more.

First, burn the MicroPython firmware to ensure that MicroPython is running internally.

Second, the direct serial tool connects to the REPL and is done.

Third, the posts about English have not been published yet. It’s not because I don’t want to give them to you, but I haven’t converted them from Chinese. I’m really sorry.

Because I am recording video, but I did not share it on youtobe and other places, so I can understand your anger, because if I were you, I would be disappointed with this product, but at present, I am still working on the basic video tutorial of MicroPython, so there is no post released, I am really sorry.


You do not understand my requests at all. I contact you several times, you still do not answer accurately, it is painful, I waste a lot of time with you, you do not seem to be very serious.

I ask you first to tell me why we can not download your IDE (which seems to be like Mu and must be very good). You have a doc here.

Impossible to dowload the IDE here, error 404!!! https://github.com/BPI-STEAM/BPI-BIT-MicroPython/releases/tag/BlocksTools

Could you behave like a real professional and give documents that are reliable. There it goes in all directions. We want very simple things:

  1. download an IDE like Mu
  2. have a python API doc
  3. ability to upload his program into the map in stand-alone mode (not in REPL mode)
  4. also have access to REPL mode

Frankly, with microbit, in 2 seconds, everything worked, with you, impossible to have a reliable doc to move forward. And you do not answer all my questions. It’s not all about making a map, you have to document it and know how to use it. So please, do what you need urgently, because I’m starting to lose patience, it’s been several weeks now that I’m asking you questions and you answer to the side without stopping. What is your will, not to sell your bit card: beep? Where is the problem? Thank you for your urgent help and very specific.

WARNING, no REPL mode at the start !!! The utility of your card is to be used in standalone mode, not in REPL dialog mode !!! Your sincerely Julien

Would it be possible to have definitively reliable documentation to realize a simple program in Python and the upload in the bitmap: beep. Still no response from you. Thank you for your kind help. Julien

More answer from you? Is there a problem? You do not answer my questions. Still impossible to program very simply your card Bit: bip in blockly and python. Can not flash the program in the map. No doc on your side. Where is the concern? You gave up? But why sell your product if you do not provide any functional IDE ?? Thanks to reply.


Could you give me the IDE to use to program in Python the BPI:bit. Do you have a documentation online off all the API in python. How to upload the Python file in the BPI:bit card? Thanks to be very precise with examples and screen shot. Thanks


wiki page for english :


online documents(just chinese )



I have download mpy here https://bpi-steam-docs.readthedocs.io/zh_CN/latest/bpi-mpy/tutorials/simple_use.html#windows But how to start the IDE mpy? regards.


hello ~~~

about But how to start the IDE mpy?

  1. flash micropython https://bpi-steam-docs.readthedocs.io/zh_CN/latest/bpi-mpy/tutorials/flash_mpy.html
  2. Connect devices
  3. Paste the code
  4. Run the view

The document is only in Chinese version (temporary). I’m very sorry

You can use a translator at present, Like me.

Click on the Edit on GitHub


It will into https://github.com/BPI-STEAM/DOCS/blob/master/source/bpi-mpy/tutorials/simple_use.rst

Copy and paste the content into Translation,

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Hello, You do not answer at all to my simple question. How to download and launch the mpy IDE? Your answer is totally incomprehensible. I already flash the card. Could very simply explain how to download, install the software. Your answer is totally incomplete. The following link does not work! In short, as usual, your documents are very messy. There are everywhere in all directions. In links in every way, a real spaghetti. It’s still not difficult to make a single clean site where you find everything clean. Thank you for giving me real reliable information with clean screenshots. Thank you for being professional. It’s really DIY. Thank you for giving me the manipulation to know the version of its firmware on his card and give me the latest version of the current firmware of your card bpibit. Thank you for giving me the APIs to create an access point or put in station mode, then send and receive data in TCP. Thank you for being very precise and not to treat my request too quickly, as you do too often on your site.

download: mpy-editor <https://github.com/BPI-STEAM/mpy-editor>

Your sincerely.


english online documents:



I am looking for example python program to send and received data TCP between client and server TCP. Do you have examples? I am looking for a module in python to send and received data on TCP protocole.

Same thing to create a client and server in HTTP protocole to maque a webserver.

Do you have python command to set the IP address of the ESP32. How to set the access point mode or station mode for the wifi?

Do you have example to program a mqtt client with bit:bip card in python?

Thanks to reply.