BPI:bit for webduino development progress,keep update

now ,the first webduino image ready,just BT function not test now , other is working fine .


Banana pi BPI:bit how to control with webduino blockly

BPI:bit support webduino and arduino, so you can easy to burn webduino image to BPI:bit, aso can use arduino PlatformIO to work for arduino development.

BPI:bit for webduino tutorials link,just for chinese now ,english version will coming soon:

==webduino See sample==

*BPI:bit Through the photosensitive resistors built into Webduino Bit on the left and right sides, it is easy to determine which side the gesture comes from

code link:https://bit.ly/2lFNeYL

demo : https://www.facebook.com/oxxo.studio/videos/10216710024566280/?t=9

*Using Webduino Bit nine shaft sensor “attitude Angle” + full color dot matrix, simple implementation ~ :slight_smile: interesting effects

code link: https://bit.ly/2MAhHTF

demo : https://www.facebook.com/oxxo.studio/videos/10216709482752735/?t=20

Moving the pattern with a nine-axis sensor will add two more blocks for collision detection. Own building blocks [game patterns] [ WebSocket ]

[ WiFi ] Block link setting: https://rawgit.com/fustyles/webduino/temp/GamePicture_20180726/blockly.json code: