[BPI accessories]Banana Pi BPI-UART Module and How to use

1:Product Specification:

2:Produce Overview: The Serial Port module is specifically designed for Banana Pi. The module use Maxim MAX232 chip and DB9 port. So the user don’t need to connect Dupont Line and that avoid wrong wiring. User can use this module to debug Banana Pi easily. 3:Produce Features: Maxim MAX232 on chip DB9 port

4:Port: Banana Pi connection port DB9 port

5:Product Parameters: Working voltage: 5V Two Drivers and Two Receivers Operates Up To 120 kbit/s Low Supply Current . . . 8 mA Typical

6:Typical Application: Interface Translation Multidrop RS-232 Networks Low-Power Modems

7:How to use: Just insert the module to Banana Pi, like the below picture: