BPI-4G LTE module for banana pi (USB interface)

Is this module available for sale in market?.

will public sale soon , about one or two weeks .

Does it support Linux like Ubuntu/Debian?.

yes, we have test it on linux and lede.

Can I interface Quectel EC25 MiniPCIe (http://www.quectel.com/product/ec25minipcie.htm1) module directly on BPI-R2 board since it has onboard MiniPCIe slot?.

this module is USB interfact for M.2 ,so can not use onboard slots. you also can use it with BPI-4G extension board . BPI-4G usb

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to get one extension board soon for testing.

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I am also interested in this product. At this present moment I am using a Huawei E3372 USB LTE interface and want something that I can place within the BPI R2 (using the R2 existing interface), I think that this could be a good solution (I would rather purchase some device that was produced by the manufacture of the R2 board instead of using something that was manufactured by a 3rd party).

I am interested to know if this product will support the British LTE frequencies (800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2600 MHz) and when this product will be available for purchase.

@sinovoip Curious to know if you have any updates on this module availability?.

we will instock next week ,but maybe need public sale after china holiday. you can send mail to [email protected] ,she maybe can help you shipping out soon.

Any new information about this device (ie. availability from vendors)?

we are in china holiday , we will back office at 2018-2-22.

@sinovoip Hope you had great time at home. Curious to know the availability of this module. Waiting for long time.

next week will public sale.

Hi. Is this module ready for public sale?

yes ,please send mail to [email protected]

BPI-4G LTE module for banana pi (USB interface) public sale:


@sinovoip what kind of pin headers would I need to buy so I can solder the 14 pins myself?

which module are you used ?

It says “BPI-EC25-V1.0” it’s not on one of the pictures above, it has 2 micro-b USB ports.

From the this picture

it would be the left one, it’s the closest.

@sinovoip I measured the holes they seem to be 1mm wide and the pitch is 2mm (center hole to center hole) is that correct?

you can contace [email protected]

2mm pitch two row headers 14pin. For anyone else who may want to solder them on themself.

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Hi @sinovoip, I bought this 4G modem from Amazon for my BPI-R3 based on the generic guidance from posts of you that “Quectel EC25E” is the modem which is compatible.

https://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-R3#Accessories https://wiki.banana-pi.org/Getting_Started_with_BPI-R3#4G.265G

The product images are not correct but these are are matching the modem and extension board I have:


Question is, I plugged the modem into the mPCIe and inserted the SIM on the respective card slot of the BPI-R3 too. However, OpenWrt constantly complaints that the SIM was not found. Can you provide some guidance if and how to get the modem running in the mPCIe slot?

I open this thread too to resolve the SIM Card not found issue.:

Thanks Mike

Is this model is compatible with Banana Pi R2 Pro ??? to connecting with mPCIe interface