BP M2 Zero setup question

Hello everyone. Today i finally got my os into a card and finally booted up the BP M2 Zero for the first time only to realise that the keyboard i have connected isnt being recognized. I have tryed some methods like 1) unplugging it after the BP is on. 2) connecting a tablet case-keyboard through some dongles 3) 3 different keyboards. Still nothing. The BP i bought brand new and i am confused as to why isnt it working because i couldnt find any similar issues online. Thanks in advance.

How are you connecting your keyboard? What I use is a USB OTG HUB plugged into my m2z, and plug keyboard/mouse/etc. into that hub. There are two “USB ports” on the m2z, one of them is for power (labeled DC IN), the other is an OTG port (labeled OTG).

edit to add: So! I had this exact same issue with:


Which I was randomly trying to get around something weird in:


So! There’s definitely something weird going on at least in that Armbian 23.8.1 jammy image as far as keyboard support.