Booting from USB 3.0 & copying to eMMC

I’m prepping everything to get my BPI-M2+ up and running in the next few days. I was reading this guide here on how to burn an image to eMMC once booting from SD.

My initial thought was that I could dodge the need for another micro sd card if the below would work:

1 write an image to a USB 3.0 flash drive 2 extend the partition to 16 or 32gb 3 copy an image to burn to the eMMC, placing it on same partion from step 1 & 2 4 boot from USB 3.0 5 use the same instructions to dd an image on the flash drive to eMMC?

Has anyone tried anything like this?



There is no USB 3.0 look here:

The eMMC is much much much faster than any USB 2.0. So I would stay with USB drive for storage, eMMC for System, leave SDcard empty.

Do you want a GUI or just a server ?

Yes I know the BPI-M2+ only has USB 2.0 I meant booting from a 3.0 flash drive in a 2.0 port :slight_smile: Would this work? I do intend to use the eMMC for booting, but don’t you have to boot via USB or SD first and dd the image to eMMC?

I will probably only need a server for the project that I am working on.

HI: Please reference it

(Burning images to EMMC)