Boot BPI-M3 Root Filesystem from SATA


is there a possibility to export the rootfs to a SATA drive? I did not find any uEnv.txt on the boot partition where i could change it like it were by the banana pi. Do i have to recompile the bootloader/kernel for this goal?

I don’t know what you have in mind, but M3 cannot boot from SATA.

It is a USB-SATA bridge, not real SATA.

read the specification: Storage Support MicroSD Card(up to 64GB) /SATA (up to 2TB USB-to-SATA; GL830)

and also at the bottom of this page the basic connection:

Thanks i already knew that but i decided to test it anyway. But you have the answer for this issue right? Because i think we don’t have to hope for Support from @sinovoip

Greetz from TK