Boot BPI-M1 over the network

I had a misfortune ordering BPI from a Chinese supplier. Not only that he shipped a wrong model, but I have also difficulty booting the board. The only SD card which is left is from an old camera of 512 Mb capacity. Android 4.2 image, which can fit this card doesn’t boot. What is procedure to boot the linux system over the network with bootp, PXE? How to prepare the boot image on a remote linux server, so that the BPI boots over the network from remote server? Does a portable (small footprint) image exist for BPI, which could start initial boot? Thanks everybody.

Before you use any SD-card always test it:

And then I would assume you forgot to decompress the image and didn’t read the instructions? Some (all?) Android images can only be flashed with PhoenixSuit.

Hello, Thanks for the answer. I did tested with the f3 under linux I decompressed the image to get the .img file. Other instructions? There wasn’t not any at all. Even no product manual. It was necessary to discover everything by myself. What I did was a regular dd if=image.img of=/dev/sdc Anyway, what is the PhoenixSuit. and how to flash the Android image? Thanks,

Yes, this is what you’ve to expect when using any product called ‘Banana’ these days. Sad but true.

Read on from here: (search for “Case2 :Installing the Android OS image”). If the Android image you found somewhere here doesn’t work try LeMaker’s for the Banana Pro (the M1+ tried to be a 100% compatible clone of the Pro but they failed at least one times:

Unfortunately neither of the images boot BPI-M1 out of thé box. Digging deeply, iI understood that not all thé bootloaders are compatible with this SBC. Could somebody point to an initial bootloader binaires, so that i could at least boot the boad?. My altimate goal is to load the root partition from a NFS device as the only SDCard i have is a 512Mb capacity one.