Bluetooth compatible dongles

Hello, could you please post list of Bluetooth compatible USB dongles under Android? I saw there is Bluetooth menu under settings but my current dongle does not work (China made Bluetooth 4 dongle). Thanks

Banana PI support - why don’t you just say that the board does not support bluetooth dongles instead of silence? What kind of support are you, making non usable images and not responding to people needs? I am quite disappointing.

which BT dongle are you used , please send a datasheet to us. we will check it.

hi again , do i need a usb dongle on the banana pi m3

so you have BPI-M3,??? ,not M1+???

if you use BPI-M3, have BT support on board.

thanks for replying , if it on board then it does not need a usb dongle ?? as I am running ubuntu mate , i type to see if it was running and it was but still will not pick up the blue tooth key board would a software update fix the problem ?? or can you send me the code on how to fix it please