Blinking screen on android

Good afternoon.

Board BPI-M2 Ultra. Using the utility PhoenixSuite recorded on the eMMC image of Android (BPI-M2U_M2B_Android_HDMI_V1). After turning on the image on the monitor flashes at a frequency of 1.5 - 2 seconds. Connecting to the monitor on HDMI.

How to solve this problem? (Linux with CD-card works fine)

Hello, Did you mean when you were using sd card, HDMI is fine? but when you were using emmc, HDMi will be flash ?

What is the brand of your Display, maybe I could do a test.

Hello. If I start with an SD-card Linux, then the monitor is working fine. If I start Android, the monitor flashes. Android starts with EMMC, I could not write to SD-Card (Foenix Card gives an error). Monitor BENQ BL2420-T. If you connect to a TV, the image is excellent.

I see,so Android image has some problems with monitor right?could you please tell me how do you connect monitor, HDMI, or HDMI to VGA?

I’ll do a test.

what did you do to wirte sd card when you use EMMC with android, you copy image from emmc to sd?

Good afternoon. The Android works with EMMC, there is no SD card. Phoenix Card taken on the site could not record any of the 5 cards. Tried volumes from 8 to 64 GB. Card reader built-in and external. Run the Android was possible by recording the image in the EMMC with the help of the program Phoenix Suite, taken on the same site. Website address:

I have the same problem with my monitor. System installed in SD card output hdmi. the screen blink every 3/4 seconds

If you use a cheap and old monitor, I think it will go away. I had the same problem as well. I always tell my customers to use an old and cheap monitor.