BerryBoot Terminal is not working Banana PI m2


BerryBoot Terminal is not working Banana PI m2. Please help me…

i see ,the best choose is BPI-m3, but cost will be higher. so , if you do projuct we can customization for you .as you know ,it is easy for us . use BPI-m1+ add BT support.

Berryboot terminal for banana pi m2 will be broadcasted, wont it? You need both kodi and berryboot support for a31s am I right? Videos dont work appropriately while kodi is in use and card gets warmer and I cant use any of the operation systems of m1 with m2 because m2 uses a31s processor .cmos camera which works with m1 doesnt work with dont have any support for m2.

Is there a no solution?

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we now do it now , please give us some time. when we ready ,will update to github.

I think the slow process works…

we have hard work for github, now ,we have success update kernel 3.4.108 version for BPI-M1,M1+. and have do opensource work on M2 with kernel 3.3 ,support GPU, and 4.0 not support GPU.