Battery connector for M2U

Hello, now I have found the working connector for the 3,7V lithium battery interface: … 2749.l2649 It was delivered today, now I wanted to buy a battery like this: … 42424.html Then I have to made a 6 cable to 2 cable connection: … rface.html I am not an electronic nerd, so please help me:

  1. Must I put cable 1 to 3 for “+” and 4 to 6 for “GMD” together?
  2. Will my BPI-M2U charge the battery, when he is working? Yours, migudent

The battery connector is super secret! The SinoVoip guys don’t want you to use a battery!

You have one wire that can be used for a thermistor to sense overheating during charging. The motherboard may be set up for use without the added safety feature, but can be easily modified.

But the details of which thermistor and the software support are no where to be found. I could investigate and reverse engineer all this if I really wanted to, but I’m not wanting to as I don’t have time.

Apparently, it will charge a battery as is. Read the interface schematic to find out which pins are positive, which are ground, and which one is the sensor.

Try to figure out where to put the thermistr on your battery’s exterior for good results.

Start out with a fully charged battery, or you may have problems.