Bannana PI BPI-M3 with UHF RFID


I’m sorry if I added a topic to the wrong branch. I want connect banana pi with UHF RFID, to use this on track go-carts.

I know that i need chipy UHF: 865-868 MHz. Antenna UHF.

I steel don’t now what reader i need to use and how connected this with banana pi.

I will be greatefull for help me.

Best regards, Kamil

can you give as UHD RFID datasheet . i can let our R&D to check it .

I’m a beginner with banana and UHF RFID. What datasheet to check it you need ? :slight_smile: I can connect directly to the antenne with banana pi, do i need a reader UHF RFID ?

we need UHF RFID spec , and check how to contact it to banana pi , as i know, it it easy to add ,.

I don’t know now what reader or antene use to connect with banana pi :frowning:, and what specification send you :frowning:

I only find specification at uncle google:

what will be connected to banana pi Reader or antenna? I ask team from rfid.

OK , i will let our R&D check this documents . or you can mail to , 肖[email protected] ,

UHF RFID is usually a USB or UART interface, you can buy one on Ali, but you need to debug the drive by yourself

Hello, I get specification. This email: [email protected] is correct to send that?