Bananapi P2 Zero and M2 Zero Armbian_bullseye

This release is for the Bananapi P2 Zero/M2 Zero development board based on AllWinner H3.

P2 Zero


M2 Zero

Graphical interface

P2 Zero

M2 Zero

About this version

Update armbian image kernel 6.1.24 shared by bpi-p2z and bpi-m2z to support emmc USB WiFi emac

Link: Baidu Wangpan 百度网盘 请输入提取码 code: 8888

Launch Video

Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero/BPI-P2 Zero Armbian bullseye image configuration video Vs Raspberry pi ZeroW

Warning do not do an apt update; apt upgrade after installing this release to eMMC on a P2 Zero. This will result in a device that no longer boots from eMMC. I can recover by booting again from SD and re-installing to eMMC. It would be helpful if you would specify which packages we need to place on hold when upgrading.