Bananapi P2 Zero and M2 Zero Armbian_bullseye_xfcr_desktop

This release is for the Bananapi P2 Zero/M2 Zero development board based on AllWinner H3.

P2 Zero


M2 Zero


Graphical interface

P2 Zero


M2 Zero


About this version

Update armbian image kernel 6.1.24 shared by bpi-p2z and bpi-m2z to support emmc USB WiFi emac

Link: Baidu Wangpan code: 8888

Launch Video

Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero/BPI-P2 Zero Armbian bullseye xfcr desktop image configuration video

Hi, I’m having monitor issues with all armbian distros I tried. My board is an M2Z H3. I have continue monitor flickering while boot and everytime moving cursor. I’m using an HP elitedisplay e231 with a mini HDMI - DVI cable.

Issue disappear setting to 720p instead of 1080p. 1600x900 is still flickering but “usable”. Can someone please help me understand what’s the problem?

Thanks in advance


Tried 3 different monitors with different cables and connectrions and have ssame result. 1920x1080 resolution is unusable on all of configurations.