Bananapi P2 Zero and M2 Zero Armbian_bookworm

This release is for the Bananapi P2 Zero/M2 Zero development board based on AllWinner H3.

P2 Zero


M2 Zero


Graphical interface

P2 Zero


M2 Zero


About this version

Update armbian image kernel 6.1.24 shared by bpi-p2z and bpi-m2z to support emmc USB WiFi emac

Link: Baidu Wangpan code: 8888

Launch Video

Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero/BPI-P2 Zero Armbian bookworm image configuration video
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Did you tryed to boot from the emmc memory?

Yes, you can start from EMMC.

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Advice: I recommend not using this image. Testing is indicative of being less than complete. For one, there is a malformed block device configuration.

/var/log.hdd: The mmcblk0p1 partition, which was previously mounted as the root directory (/), has been remounted at /var/log.hdd.

zram2: A new zram device, labeled as zram2, has appeared in the output. This new device has a size of 0 bytes, which seems unusual as zram devices are typically allocated with a specific size for swap or temporary storage."


Just tested the image. It boots ok. I wanted to use the MIPI port for video capture but ffmpeg returns ‘Not a video capture device’.

v4l2-ctl returns /dev/video0 as a capture device.

I can provide more log if requested.


— EDIT — Ok. Digged a bit more. PE12/PE13 aren’t enabled by default and need enabling with some overlay. Added overlays=i2c2 to activate the I2C bus for the MIPI CSI port in /boot/armbianEnv.txt

The I2C bus shows up after a reboot in /dev. All fine.

i2dectect -l |i2c-3|i2c |DesignWare HDMI |I2C adapter| |i2c-2|i2c |mv64xxx_i2c adapter |I2C adapter|

Checked the I2C bus with i2cdetect -y 2 but got some errors in dmesg:

[ 272.563591] i2c i2c-2: mv64xxx: I2C bus locked, block: 1, time_left: 0

Side note: I had this camera working with an old Raspbian image.

Progressing a bit to get this OV5640 camera up and running but the I2C driver is likely failing sadly.

i2c pin 2 and 3 for RTC module sd3231 is not working as it did not after previous releases. Probably a kernel issue. Is there someone who can help? All looks fine after preparing the setup. hwclock -w, hwclock -r, hwclock -s and hwclock -v, all works fine. But after a poweroff and a restart the hwclock -r comes back with the factory setting 1970 Please, I need help because my BPI M2 needs to run as an Access Point with a Real Time Clock March 2024 Don’t need help anymore … all works fine now