BananaPI M2 Ultra boot stuck at "Scanning for Btrfs filesystems"

Is there a way to skip this phase? Is it possible to force board to boot from SD card again?

I have BananaPI M2 Ultra v1.1 board and my goal is to get this little device boot Linux OS from its eMMC storage. So I entered URL Bananapi M2U / Berry – Armbian, connected board with keyboard, display and ethernet switch and downloaded image (Bookworm CLI). Then I followed document at Getting Started - Armbian Documentation and was able to get my board boot from SD card. Then I made configurations as guided and lastly proceeded installation to eMMC. Then I made poweroff, took SD card out and started board. Boot started nicely but sadly stuck at stage “Scanning for Btrfs filesystems”.

I read also document at Recovery - Armbian Documentation but it didn’t help.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I chose ext4 filesystem when doing installed into eMMC.

EDIT: And booting from this same SD card fails if I flash it again.

Software is made by Armbian from the time you apply power. Perhaps ask on Armbian forums.

Just uninstall btrfs-progs (as I remember) before restart.