BananaPi M2 Berry /Ultra GPIO Pin Control

Dear Community,

some month ago, i got it to use an oled ssd1306 Display using BananaPiM2 Berry,

but now, i dont know why, the command i2c-detect dosent show the ascci-tables, its says no dev available… WHats the reason why? I dont know which armbian-version i used for it. Can someone help me?

Greetz, BlackLeakz

Follow my TUtorial bro,

if you have any more questions ask me, im currently working on the other fck* libarys like RPI.GPIO BPI-WirginPI etc. I got them all to work once a day, but i dont remember how i got them all to work … But for controling OLED SSD1306 Displays (Adafruit) Theres no Problem for you

install luma-oled python module