Bananapi BPI-R3: emmc not persistent

H i got my R3 Board (v1.1) and flashed NAND and emmc following the wiki. During my work I found, even the NAND image can altered in config and packages, but the emmc image cannot. All alterations don’t survive reboot. I used the images from the site. Do I miss any step?

Thanks for every hint.


Why again a new thread about it? There are already flooding some around,e.g. this

That was about the SD card, this is emmc…ok, the problem is the same :slight_smile: I think this is a Getting Started document problem… It should mention, that the official images are wrong. However it is ridiculous that there is no working official image for this router. This is the best router I’ve found in the consumer category, but the software support is very-very bad. (Ok, vanilla openwrt works…) I replaced a wrt3200acm because of the ax wifi and 2.5 wan/lan ports. (I’ve 2/1 internet, so now I can take advantage of that speed, which was not possible with the previos router) I think that more non-IT-savvy people would buy this router if it simply worked, as the hardware is very good.

What you are buying here is a development board. The ‘Pi’ name suggests that it is suitable for advanced users and tinkerers, but it is not a ready-made product in any sense.

SinoVoip does provide reference software which is good enough to develop your product based on that, and that was also good enough to develop the official OpenWrt port which is now available from

If you want to include Web-UI and/or other additional software packages you can use the OpenWrt Firmware Selector and customize the image there.

Sorry. Wrong question during forum search