BananaPI BPI-M3 Running QT Application

BPI has been working with QT on developing QT Linux OS. We’ve developed some Android Apps which could be used on the BPI-M3 running Android.

We’re looking forward to having more developers join us.

For more info about QT:


If you do a web search for “QT Linux OS” including double quotes then the only hit is Lion’s funny youtube video. He shows a Banana Pi M3 booting in Android (woohoo) and then the old boring QTDemo app that is part of QT’s Android SDK since years (at least since version 5.2). As proof of what?

So by showing well known apps made by QT years ago you claim you would ‘develop’ Android apps and also a ‘QT Linux OS’? I still hope you ‘Team BPi’ members don’t believe the lies you tell your users all the time.

HI TK: Thank you for your reply. I believe you are a fan of banana pi.

Yeah, I really love the real Banana Pi (A20 based, not the incompatible models you came up with later). Great software support, great community, great IO bandwidth, for my use cases many times faster than the weird M3 you still try to sell :slight_smile:

BTW: Do you know google image search? Just try it and search there for ‘qtdemo android’. You will be surprised how many screenshots of the ‘app’ you claim to have developed just recently are on the web since years. It’s always so funny how you try to fool your potential customers :slight_smile:

Do you really don’t get the idea that by improving support and software you would gain more than by showing fake stuff like this?

if you like BPI-M1 , just use it . all is LTS project .

if you not like BPI-M3 ,just keep quietness.

Hey @sinovoip. Justin wrote above you would ‘developing QT Linux OS’ (already on Github?) and you would also develop together with QT Android apps. And the only ‘proof’ of this is a laughable video where you show the default QTdemo app QT delivers with their SDK. Here ‘your’ app in Google play store:

Are you really convinced that all your users/customers are too dumb to realize how you constantly try to fool them? What’s the purpose of such lousy attempts?

When do you start to improve software and support instead of wasting your time producing wrong instructions, crappy OS images and fake videos on youtube?