BananaPi Bpi-M3 New Image (New EMMC) Android 5.1 Release 2018-6-5

Banana Pi BPI-M3 New Image Release: Android 5.1 V1.1



1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M3 board which is based on Allwinner A83T, and it is based on Android 5.1 operation system with kernel 3.4.

2.M3 Android 5.1 Features Map

3.Image Links:

  1. HDMI-Version
  1. LCD-Version


where can I find the source code of this android image? I brought a BPI-M3 V1.2 board only support this image.

sorry,Android code is under NDA.

Can you offer u-boot and kernel patch to fix V1.2 EMMC problem for Android?

Hello, this release is support new emmc, did you try it?

if you want to see the patch, please send email to [email protected]

Hello Guys. Im new in this BPI World and I got amazed about how fast this android runs on my BPI-M3 but I realy need to use the Low Energy Bluetooth and Ive just figured out it`s not available on android. Well, how can I make this work? Probably I gotta build some device driver, right? Can anyone give me the direction?

Hello, you could create a thread,we can discuss the ble under your thread. I am really interested in ble.