BananaPi BPI-M2P(H3) new demo images release with kernel 4.4 2018-11-09

BananaPi BPI-M2P(H3) new demo images release with kernel 4.4 2018-11-09

Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 image

Raspbian 9 image

Debian 9 image

1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M2P board which is based on Allwinner H3, We release three images, Ubuntu 16.04, Raspbian 9 and Debian 9 with kernel 4.4.

2.M2P Ubuntu 16.04

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3.M2P Raspbian 9

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4.M2P Debian 9

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Hi, after copy the image to emmc by using bpi-copy, the BPI boot from emmc with errors. The last error on screen is: ARISC message 30 error, callback not install.

Is there any solution?

Yes, try this:

No sorry, this issn’t a solution! I konw many distributions now, I don’t wan’t another distribution. If this all, I try Raspian now. Thx! Okay, here are people that don’t know the different between Debian and Raspian. This waste my time. Booth will be released as one image here, but this can’t be true.

This IS a solution. Raspbian is an average Debian like distro and a garbage on all boards which are not Raspberry Pi.

For the next sheeps as information, all listed Linux distributions (Debian 9, Rasbian 9 and Ubuntu) are the same images. Don’t waste your time with downloading! If you want to use a Linux distribution here, you must use Armbian. The advertising is, we can all linux-distributions, but the realety is, there is only one funktional distribution.

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I like this version but

How can I change desktop and menu language to german? How can I install the system to emmc?

MfG Janko Weber

Yeah, seems your right there are only very few images from the official supported ones that really run on the board very confusing.

This does not work for me. It always overwrites mmcblk0 which is the sd card itself. Instead of the mmcblk1 which is the eMMc.

Okay this seemed to be a BUG in the Bionic Release I downloaded the newest one Buster and now it works.


“How can I…” ;o)

I need more help please.

Where is DE Forum?

my system on mp2+ debian-9-stretch-XFCE-desktop-for-german-user-bpi-m2p-sd-emmc-300919.img.xz

I extract the Image-file on microsoft windows with 7zip-Archiver and copy the system to sd card (16gb or more) with Win32DiskImager. This Desktop system works very well on BananaPi M2+. But still I dont know how I can use the whole system with german language. Desktop, menus and the most programs are in english. Ready for use with german is LibreOffice, LibreCad, SMPlayer, FocusWriter, Audacity and Vivaldi-Browser.

I need more information how can I change the system language to german and how can I copy my Desktop completly to emmc.

Thank You and Regards Janko Weber

debian-9-stretch-XFCE-desktop-for-german-user-bpi-m2p-sd-emmc-151019.img.xz - 1.36gb

Only add german keyboard layout in xfce settings and remove english make it possible that german keyboard layout qwertzu work. This could be similar with other languages. With mplayer video output in SMPlayer video playback is possible. Vivaldi internet browser now is 2.8.1664.44-1. Configuration is not the original. Close tabs with double clic now active. Qmmp now use Pulse for playback therefore volume control in player is possible. Some skin files included. Open Transport Tycoon now is included and its playable on a big tv with fullscreen. I have make some tests with newer kernel versions but I am not very happy with this. However, if you need a faster kernel try kernel 4.9 Newer kernel not recommended by me.

This desktop is created on a 8gb sd card but not all available 8gb can be use for this system. With all 16gb sd cards or bigger it should be possible to copy and use this system.

If you dont like XFCE MATE desktop is also included. On some tv device you must choose overscan that you can see the whole dektop.

Do you understand what I do? I try to make or find a usable portable desktop computer with not more than 10 watt electric power consumption.

Kind regards

Janko Weber