BananaLEDd project,thank destroyedlolo share it

BananaLEDd v1.1 has just been released. BananaLEDd is a tool allowing you to control network related LEDs of your BananaPI : the green, Yellow and Blue one blinking when you’re having network activities. V1.1 is correcting a bug preventing LOAD functionality to work correctly and introduce MultBlink parameter for a better control of blinking frequency.

It can be downloaded on this page.

NOTE : I named this release “Je suis Charlie” in memory of all people fighting against human stupidity all around the world.

BananaLEDd v1.2 has just been released. This new version improves the compatibility with BananaPro, as BananaLEDd can manage now SysFS managed LEDs (a.k.a user serviceable LED). In other words, you can make your Green and Blue LED blinking as per system load or SATA activities

Note : User serviceable LEDs can’t blink as per network activities.

It’s on my todo list, but first, I need to go ahead on my smart home tools.