Banana Pi Zero M2

Ok, so the CPU is a quadcore at a higher frequency, and the RAM is DDR3 vs DDR2 on the Raspberry Zero W.

Aside from that, how does the BM2Z compare to the RPZW in:

  1. OS stability (bugs, hangs, hiccups, crashes)?

  2. Purely GPU performance (not taking into account the faster CPU)?

  3. Driver support?

  4. Program support? (I hear it supports Ubuntu, so it should support quite some programs out the box?)

  5. Desktop support (Support for SDDM, Cinnamon, Mate, or any others? I’m just not fond of the Gnome looks)

  6. OS memory usage (the BPIM2Z has only 512MB, so a desktop using less than 130MB of RAM is preferred)

  7. Overclockability?

  8. Usability as a portable notebook/desktop replacement?

  9. Heat (cooling solutions, throttle speeds and temperatures, running temps, passive/active cooling)?