Banana pi with ZTE , Huawei 3G 4G module project

we have success customization a board support ZTE and Huawei 3G 4G module support.

so we have support 3G , 4G module for SIMCOM ,ZTE,HuaWei . and all module is on board . so it is easy to use banana pi to customization product.


This looks very interesting!

Could you please provide any more info on this? Connection type or other software needed?

Thank you!

The 3G module seems a miniPCIe module. This should probably mean that you connected it using USB+I2C.

USB is only available from connectors accessible from front USB host ports and rear usb OTG port, at least in BPi-M1+ and BPi-M1.

How did you connected miniPCIe module? Using an usb cable from such USB connectors?

Regards Snafutzz

this is USB +GPIO control

all data transfer use USB port . and other control use GPIO , such as POWER control.


It would be great if at least a usb port could be available on a pin-header connector. This would allow using usb in a custom piggy-backed board.

Regards Snafutzz

it is easy , ZTE and HuaWei have USB interface 3G/4G module. you can inset BPI USB port.

I was think something more stable than a cable plugged in a USB socket.

Like for other function PINs (i.e. UART, CAN, SPI, I2C) it would be great if an USB channel could be routed to a pin-header connector.


so , it need to do a GPIO extend board for 3G/4G module. :smile: