Banana Pi Rasbian image latest

Can Same one please point me to the latest rasbian for bananapi bpi-m3

or can in bananapi-rasbian, I have now dated 13-07-2016 in terminal use the :- sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

to upgrade the rasbian

Thank you

Raspbian for non-RPi doesn’t receive upgrades except packages. Since this is probably Jessie based, even packages are not getting updates anymore.

Better try this:

okay I thought It might be same thing like this per Raspbian for non-RPi doesn’t receive upgrades except packages so I am please I ask, I download you suggest and give it a try, thank you

Hi igorpec

i downloaded the image armbian with 4.18 y for m3 and put the image on a microsd and fired up my bananapi not sure if i have done it right or not need same help or suggestions on the screen it i a terminal asking for a login and password so what are they so I can get in or have I done same thing wrong. Thank you


Preparation Make sure you have a good & reliable SD card and a proper power supply. Archives can be uncompressed with 7-Zip on Windows, Keka on OS X and 7z on Linux (apt-get install p7zip-full). RAW images can be written with Etcher (all OS). Boot Insert the SD card into the slot, connect a cable to your network if possible or a display and power your board. (First) boot (with DHCP) takes up to 35 seconds with a class 10 SD Card. Login Log in as: root Password: 1234. Then you are prompted to change this password (US-Keyboard setting). When done, you are asked to create a normal user-account for your everyday tasks.


I have done as you ask me to do In the( how to start) and but I did have the desktop img one, and once I did the login part ,it loaded the desktop so that’s great thank you for this, had a bit I play with it and tried the browser but I got this error

failed to execute default web browser input/out put

and the ( ethernet network connection wired connection: active)

is there same thing in settings or did I answer a question wrong when I login.

Thank You

Chromium on arm is currently broken. we made a workaround, an update to latest working one … apt update and upgrade and it will work.

Okay cool, I did a update + upgrade and Chromium is now working which is really great thank you and I am loving Armbian with desktop it great, again thank you

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