Banana Pi Pro from 2015 - keep or throw?


Not sure which category to put this in - none of them seem to mention Banana Pi Pro… Maybe an admin can move it to the right place.

Anyway, we bought a pair of Banana Pi’s in 2015. This one boots, but cannot be logged into - even with a fresh image.

A few things I have noticed:

  1. Prior to the OS booting, whilst still in U-Boot, I see the following message:

    *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

  2. Taking the SD card out and examining the /var/log/auth.log file shows multiple instances of the following lines:

    session closed for user root account root has password changed in future

Seems like some sort of issue with the real time clock. I cannot see any command to deal with the clock in U-Boot. What I have tried, in order to get rid of the CRC error message is:

env default -f -a env save

This did not seem to help.

In order to try and get the clock sorted out, I hooked the system up to a network, hoping that the NTP might sort it out overnight. That didn’t work.

I’m wondering if I can do something by editing /etc/rc.local and doing something to force the clock in there.

Am I just beating a dead horse here? Should I just give up and put it in the bin?

If you’ve managed to make it this far, thanks for reading :slight_smile:


please check , or you use Lemaker Banana Pi Pro???

It does have on the board :slight_smile:

On the underside of the board it says “Banana Pro” and the A20 CPU is mounted on the underside.

If those images doesn’t work: then you have an issue.

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