Banana PI P2 ZERO ( V 1.0 )

I have bought a Banana PI P2 ZERO on amazon, it’s a V 1.0 version It has some problems. I have installed (first via SD and after with bpi-copy to the emmc) this Linux distro downloaded here (ubuntu). Linux bpii 3.4.113-BPI-M2Z-Kernel #7 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 3 16:33:44 CST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux

  • the ethernet LED on the RJ45 port are not used : even if I tansfer a file; no led activity.
  • The Wifi looses connexion to a router ( distance : 1m ) after a few kb exchanged if I’m connected via WIFI to the P2 : the ssh connexion is stucked. No connexion (WPA-PSK with correct credential on a A-Founry router ( 2.4G band) or an old Linksys WRTG-54 (at 2 m of distance too)