Banana pi OV5640 camera driver , thank alex do the work

banana pi OV5640 camera driver , thank alex do the work.

I think you would find this latest updates on github interesting. I have also pushed a V4L2 CAP application to capture and/or test OV5640 and OV8865 with the help of OpenCV to save JPG frame.

Please, find the latest update here:

i, I am using BPI M3 with camera module, 

following the instructions on 

I am able to capture images from ov8865.

However, following the same instructions for OV5640, How to use OV5640 on BPI-M3: 

Step 1: Install git $ sudo apt-get install git 

Step 2: Update bpi-tools $ git clone (NOTE: git5 is incorrect, it should be git) $ cd bpi-tools

$ sudo ./ -u -U 

Step 3: Use bpi-update to update kerenl $ mkdir update_file $ cd update_file $ sudo bpi-update -c bpi-m3.conf (NOTE: THERE IS NO ov5640 driver in update in bpi-tools) $ sudo reboot

The Kernel did not upgrade.

This is what I have: uname -a Linux bpi-iot-ros-ai 3.4.39-BPI-M3-Kernel #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 3 01:03:00 UTC 2017 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

ls update_file/ 3.4.39-BPI-M3-Kernel.tgz bpi-m3-ov8865.conf camera.tgz addons.tgz bpi-service.tgz libvdpau_sunxi.tgz BOOTLOADER-bpi-m3.tgz bpi-tools.tgz BPI-BOOT-bpi-m3-ov8865.tgz brcm.tgz ov8865-enable.tgz BPI-BOOT-bpi-m3.tgz bt.tgz ov8865.tgz bpi-m3.conf camera-apps.tgz

I am not sure if it is the driver issue or the camera (ov5640) board is incorrect. I saw in the BPI-M3 schematics CSI-PWDN-F is connected to PD15 pin of A83T, while in the A83T_TABLET_STD_V1_2 schematics CSI-PWDN-F is connected to PE19.

Tried to contact Nora.Lee but she is not helpful, although she showed the video of ov5640.

Try to find out which driver is loaded:

type in shell: lsmod

you should see ov5640 instead of ov8865.

check for some possible errors:

dmesg|grep VFE


dmesg|grep fail