Banana Pi M64 Unboxing, First Boot and Initial Review

Banana Pi M64 Unboxing, First Boot and Initial Review

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I am just a very beginner and received my M64 today. Unfortunately I also have these nasty beginner problems. Can you help me with some o my questions?

So I just unboxed it as in the video: I put Android on a 64GB class 10 SD card with SDFormatter and Win32DiskImager. Then I pluged-in my HDMI, the SD and also a power supply which should provide 3/4.5/5 SEC with 2.5A. (see picture) Nevertheless the system behaves this way:

  • The Red LED is on. Using the Power-On button has no effect, but if I hold it for few seconds the LED gets off.
  • I get the same issue when I use the USB OTG port with a 2A Power supply
  • And I get the same when I use the Jessy Raspian 64bit image instead of the Android 6.0 (no LCD)

My Questions:

  • Where is + and - on DC power interface (+ inner and - outer, correct?). Is the hardware damaged when changing it? I hope not :slight_smile:
  • What is the meaning of the red LED? And the others?
  • How can I get a step forward?

I am grateful for any hint! Have a nice new year 2017! Carsten

Update January 2nd 2017: Meanwhile I found out that

  • attaching a network cable causes blinking of the network plus LEDs. So the system really booted even using the USB OTG for power supply.
  • the problem is my HDMI to DVI adapter. Obviously the kernel misses some configuration for this to work as described inthis forum topic. If I attach the banana to a real HDMI port, e.g. a TV, I get a screen output

Is it possible to update the kernel (which is used by all OSs) so that the adapters are supported out of the box (like it is for raspian pi)?

Are you aware that all Linux images for BPi M64 are in reality for Pine64+?

The good news: You could try to use the Armbian builds and then search for DVI here:

Hi Charles,

thanks for your reply, I learnt quite much about so far. Based on my experiences the Armbian images seem not to solve the DVI problem. The issue is that DVI support is for Pine image 5.21 and above, but the latest one working with M64 is 5.20. Moreover I had to learn that no drivers are available for for eMMC and NAND. And: Unfortunately this seams to be true for all existing M64 OS versions?!
And what is worse: Armbian will not support the M64 images for the near future - if at all.

I hope some solution will come at least to DVi and eMMC.

Cheers, Carsten