Banana Pi M3 wont boot

Hello Guys. My father has an Banana Pi M3 and I asked him if I can have if. He agreed, but he told me too that he cant get it running. Everytime I start the Pi, I see a white screen with the Banana Pi Logo and then this comes on. I tried a bootable stick, a bootable SD card and I tried pressing every key on my keyboard but non of that would work. The exact line ist: [mmc]: sdc2 set ios: clk 50000000Hz bm PP pm ON vdd 3.3V width 8 timing UHS-DDR50 dt B. Please help. IMG20240123170226

I have no M3 but may be this site will help you:

What could be also importatnt, is the “connction to the M3”. How do you get the picture? Did you connected the M3 over Debug UART:


What Image do you want to run?

Please write back how you fix it! Good luck :+1:.