Banana pi m3 screen resolution

How can I change the default screen resolutions on Debian 8 Jessie mate to fit my monitor?

I am not able to find a solution to change the screen resolution with any of the images I have tried (Ubuntu Desktop 16.04, Raspbian Jessie, Debian 8 Jessie Mate) so that it fits the monitor. The default resolution is 1280x720 which does not fit my 20 inch monitor using hdmi to dvi or straight hdmi cable. None of the images will boot with a hdmi to d-sub (vga) converter connected. I must boot with hdmi/dvi and then swap to the hdmi to d-sub converter which will then fit the resolution to the screen size.

I have used many other devices and never had this issue before and have always been able to follow the linux forum guides to solve problems with Pi, BBB and Hardkernel devices, but none of the guides seem to work with the Banana pi M3 images.


The screen resolution can be changed by editing and modifying the script.bin file. Note that you should avoid using HDMI to DVI converter, some images depends on information your LCD monitor sends to the board (check configuration of your LCD monitor), if information is “filtered” by the converter chances are that will not work properly. Look for an image that is 720P or try to build one. HDMI cable can also be a factor, try to use different HDMI cable.