Banana Pi M3 OpenCL Problem


I want to image proccess with Banana Pi M3. I can use ARM proccessory well for image proccess. But I can’ t use gpu for image proccess. For example when I want to use opencl like that, it’ s output Cannot “found Opencl Device”.

  if(ocl::haveOpenCL() == 1)
		cv::ocl::Context context;
		if (!context.create(cv::ocl::Device::TYPE_GPU))
			cout << "Failed creating the context..." << endl;
			return 0;

		cout << context.ndevices() << " GPU devices are detected." << endl; //This bit provides an ov
		for (int i = 0; i < context.ndevices(); i++)
			cv::ocl::Device device = context.device(i);
			cout << "name:              " << << endl;
			cout << "available:         " << device.available() << endl;
			cout << "imageSupport:      " << device.imageSupport() << endl;
			cout << "OpenCL_C_Version:  " << device.OpenCL_C_Version() << endl;
			cout << endl;
		cout << "Cannot found Opencl Device" << endl;

I installed this But opencCL didn’ t work. Are there anyone help me to use gpu with opencv?

Do some research before you buy your next device. And then better choose a device with a community around where information is available how to use OpenCL (eg. any board based on i.MX6 instead). To use OpenCL with PowerVR you need to license some stuff. And as you might already realized the device you bought receives zero support from its manufacturer (choose from NXP or TI, read through their forums and you get the idea what’s the difference)

I made very long resarch. You can look opencv, ros , etc. forums. I asked lots of people before choosing Banana Pi. But I didn’ t think I could meet lots of problem due to Banana Pi m3. Because It’ s very newer SBC from others.

I heard it only from you. In the web there are lots of people use opencl with Gpu like Mali Gpu. Why is it different with Power VR gpu’ s.

Why? This board is 100% incompatible to every other SBC also called ‘Banana Pi’. The most similar would be the old BPi M2 with its A31s SoC (that would also be twice as fast since it features a 544MP2 GPU and not an ultra slow 544MP1 as with Banana Pi M3)

Be careful. Mali400 as used on BPi M1/M1+ (both great devices) and M2+ is only capable of GLES2 (so you might benefit from some GPU work doing color space conversion and stuff like that). But full OpenCL compliance requires bigger Malis (600, 700 or above).

PowerVR is something different. And what’s written in specs and what can be used in reality… I don’t know any other SBC currently where reality and specs differ more than BPi M3.

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