Banana-pi m3 no boot

Hey ! :slight_smile:

My banana pi m3 doesn’t boot.

  • Only the red light is lit
  • HDMI receive signal but black screen
  • Voltage 5.1V 2.1A
  • Micro SD 8GB with Banananian

Thanks for your help ! :wink:

I think that it comes from the installation of the img. Can you explain to me how can it be done? Thanks :wink:

please see here:

Yes but when I extract the file *** I found a file like that:


It’s work with Raspbian but not with Debian :frowning:

Use the tool for android to flash and it will boot again. Then do the job again by booting from SD and then reflash you emmmc to your preferred Linux. For along time I presumed mine had become a paperweight but it was only the emmc that had gone corrupt. Make sure you use an img that someone have confirmed as working. Not all img from sinovoip does, as they are mainly beta releases for SD use.

This Banana M3 device starts up and works normally when power supply connector (4mm / 1,7mm) and a micro USB connector put to device of Banana same time from same 5V power supply. I think in the device may have something grounding problems.