Banana Pi M3 Keeps rebooting

I have had the M3 for a while, and it was working fine, the other day I checked and the red light was one, and would not boot. I re-imaged the SD card, and now I see the BPI screen, but it keeps rebooting and never starting the OS. I have tried all the images and new SD cards. No luck. Anyone else has this issue?

That is how mine acts if I try to power it with USB. If I instead use the barrel power connector, it boots fine.

Hi Do you have a good power supply should be 5V / 2.5A, the SD should be a Class10. When power supply you should use the barrel connector.

Interesting! It was the USB Wire that was the issue! Must have gone bad.

My first guess would be a bad micro SD card. I would try a brand new micro SD card from a reputable vendor. Do not use no name SD cards.