Banana Pi M3 CarComputer

I want to Develop the reconized Vocal, Mirroring android from Banana pi, Use IR for control, GPS, FM Receiver, Rear Camera, all Bluetooth Protocol with android as SMS reader, or Call from Banana pi, …

I have allready one Experience in Debian and Embedded Device, I allready develop for Raspbery But I love Banana Pi this is very cool if we develop and resolve All Bug and full comptabilities.

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very cool project , but many user use T3 as car computer.

Yes but I want to rebuild with another Interface QT5 and Qml

Exemple :

Feature :

  • Voice Reconized + TTS Engine
  • GPS
  • Android Auto
  • Bluetooth send sms, calling, File transfer, A2DP, …
  • OBD2 Interface Gauche + Reading codes, Del wrong error Message
  • Mirrorring Android
  • FM Radio With RDS
  • other …

But I have any function that not work goed Because I have an problem With the drivers AP6212

I would to change AP to Another because it’s not really goed AP6212 => Not stable

I actually had a similar problem with AP6212 I found that purging bluetoothd and bluez then reinstalling only bluez allowed it to work.

Startup with autostart

I found that the bluetoothd and bluez had issues communicating between them as installed by default. Also depending on model Rev1 or 2 there was a difference in the file names being looked for.