Banana pi M3 Android Gapps

Hello guys,

I’m developing an advanced car dashboard on android. I’ve to use several google framework fuction, but i cant find any solution how to install GAPPS on M3. Anyone can help me with a tutorial? Thanks so much, merry xmas!

It’s simple. Root M3 with kingroot from xda forum and next download pico gaps for Android 5.1 and manualy copy files to system partition. Don’t forget set permission. Sorry my English

Thanks your help, but i can’t get it work :frowning: Can you help me what i have to do with these permissions?

How can I put it into recovery mode in order to install the gapps ?

Witam, czy mógłbyś napisać bardziej szczegółowy tutorial jak to wykonać.

Hello, could you write a more detailed tutorial on how to do this.

OK napisze dziś instrukcję krok po kroku.

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Can somebody help us install GApps on Android. Please, step by step instructions, because I do not have such skills. For all the help I would be very grateful!

Could you please outline what exact GAPPS package you are referring to, and exactly what files to copy to where. I was able to root the device fine. Thanks.

I figured it out there is already a thread detailing what to do in reasonable detail, not even sure it requires the root.

I plan to upload a series on Banana Pi M3 videos at some points with full instructions on this and various other points…

Great Idea. I will wait.

Good information, Henryk_Malysz.

This allowed me to find a solution to turn the M3 directly with a Shutdown button. I missed the ROOT access to the M3.

Thank you for this information.

My tutorial in french :