Banana Pi M3 + 7" LCD Display

Hello, I bought Banana PI M3 and 7" Touch LCD Display with MIPI (and RGB - connect to MIPI) interface. I am using OpenSUSE (download from official web) as operation system. Unfortunately, display does not work. I proceeded by this manual :""CD_Module Has anyone img file with OpenSUSE and functional MIPIM LCD touch? I try to burn on SD card and try to boot. Please, Hepl me :slight_smile:



Banana is not what the original was. M3 Processor is totally different to the original one = not like Raspberry does it.

Google / try and error = help yourself

read in the M3 part of this forum may be you have luck

Hi, This can not be true ! There must be some manual on how to use the MIPI interface on Linux. Please help me :slight_smile:

Have you tried looking at